Hello Kitty Style Bow Decal DIY

DIY Cricut Hello Kitty Style Bow Decal

DIY Cricut Hello Kitty Style Bow Decal

Love Hello Kitty? Download this DIY decal for your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine to put kitty-fy your car!

What you need:

  • Colored vinyl (I used a hot pink)
  • Clear transfer vinyl
  • Card or scraper
  • Cricut cutting machine (or you can use the template to cut the decal out manually)


1. Download decal image

2. Upload image to the Cricut Design Space

3. Select simple image and Continue. Tip: The PNG does not require cleanup in the Cricut Design Space.

4. Save as a Cut image

5. Insert image into your Cricut project

6. Adjust the size to your preference

7. Cut your decal using the vinyl setting

8. Weed/peel off the part of decal that is not part of the bow

9. Overlay the clear transfer vinyl onto the decal (on top of the non adhesive side) and put back on the backing for easy peeling later.

Weed decal

10. When you are ready to transfer the decal to a clean surface, carefully peel the decal off the backing

11. Position the decal over your surface and burnish the decal onto the surface with a credit card or scraper

12. Carefully remove the clear transfer vinyl

13. Avoid washing for a few days to let the bubbles work themselves out and the vinyl to set



HK Style Bow PNG
HK Style Bow PNG
HK Style Bow JPG
HK Style Bow JPG