Oops…I trashed my Tieks. What now?

How mad are you that you shelled out $150-200 for some fancy-pants foldable flats and trashed them after a couple weeks of wearing them? Well, there’s a way to breathe new life into your Tieks, if you happen to be a toe-stubbing, sole scuffing, lead-footed monster like me.

The soles – pretty, but look nasty after running around a few days. I found that using Mr. Clean erasers really do a great job of bringing back the statement sole color to it’s original hue. Did you step in gum or something goopy? I use Goof Off, which gets gunk off the soles in a jiffy.

I use Tarrago Shoe Cream to fix up my scuffs and recondition my shoes. Tarrago shoe cream is an ultra pigmented shoe cream that is formulated to restore your shoe color and rejuvenate your leathers and boasts almost 100 colors! The product recommendations are for removing dirt/dust and applying the cream lightly with a cloth or soft applicator. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes and then buff with a horsehair shine brush.

I can confirm color matches for the following:

  • Poppy – 1 part Tarrago #25 and 1 part Tarrago #28
  • Ballerina pink –  Tarrago #43
  • Cream – Tarrago #36  (close, not perfect #36 I found is a bit light)
  • California Navy – Tarrago #17

Something I also noticed, just in the Poppy Tieks – the color flakes WAY more than the other colors. I returned my first pair because they immediately started flaking the first week of ownership. The second pair started flaking after a couple months. Bummer, but it’s still a great color, and the Tarrago keeps the flaking at bay.